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Time is Limited alternative: Flowtrace VS Time is Limited - two great tools that serve different purposes for company analytics and management metrics.

So you are looking for a way to access insights into your teams and get actionable data to start driving the performance of your organization, but where do you start? There are a few competing options out there but you need to be sure the one you choose covers the most important aspects of your organization and allows you to make data-driven decisions with accurate and reliable information. We are going to take a look at Flowtrace VS Time is Limited.

What is Flowtrace?

Flowtrace Dash

Flowtrace is a company analytics company for leadership teams, managers, and employees. Focusing on tech companies, this self-service tool provides a holistic overview of the inner functions of a business and its teams, in addition to providing tailored organizational recommendations on how to improve collaboration with immediate actions.

Providing various metrics that cover communication, collaboration, culture, productivity, and engagement, Flowtrace gives leadership teams and managers the data necessary to understand how internal processes and teams function in order to streamline the business.


What is Time is Limited

time is limited dashboard(C) Time is Limited - Meeting analytics

Time is Limited is an org-level analysis tool, allowing HR teams to quickly identify trends in employee behavior and report to leadership teams. Using data gathered from only collaboration tools, it provides a comprehensive overview of how employees are spending their time at meetings, creating metrics necessary for HR teams to report to leaders and act upon.

Flowtrace VS Time is Limited

When comparing these two products, it is worth understanding that they both target different aspects of the business, different users, and apply to different functions. For example, in a nutshell, Flowtrace is applicable to leadership teams, management and employees, whereas Time is Limited focused on HR, Sales, and Operations teams. Let's have a look at both in a bit more depth:

Engagement Analytics


Engagement looks at how invested employees and teams are in their work, how they interact, their levels of interaction, and their motivation in conducting tasks.

Flowtrace: When it comes to engagement analytics, Flowtrace sets the benchmark for the industry by taking a systematic 360-degree approach and giving employees a voice, supported by factual insights. This data allows managers to improve employee retention, maximize team engagement and align teams with the company vision.

The engagement analytics cover engagement scores, company, team, and channel sentiment, employee survey trends, cross-functional collaboration summaries, and much more. All of this data allows leaders to understand their team's well-being, identify inter-team relationship issues, and make necessary data-driven changes.

Time is Limited: Focusing on the financial aspects of how much employees are costing the business. Time is Limited looks at productivity and cost to the business when it comes to engagement. Identifying teams that are costing the company money, combined with meeting metrics and performance analytics.

They also use Sociomap visualization, which plots a graph of how teams are collaborating. So this covers a broad set of metrics that link into performance, collaboration, productivity, meetings, and even finance. It’s a good place to start and deep-dive into the data to identify areas there might be issues.

Meeting Culture

Meeting culture focuses on the effectiveness of meetings, relevance, and cost to the company. It breaks down how meetings are planned, participation, punctuality, and reviews of meeting performance.

Flowtrace: Providing a holistic overview of meeting culture, Flowtrace gives you every aspect of meeting culture in the palm of your hand. It covers punctuality with comparisons to cost, this allows leaders to see how often participants are late, by the minute, and breaks down the cost to the company. It looks at meetings without an agenda, to understand the meetings that aren't effective or efficient. It also covers meeting feedback, allowing leaders to receive feedback on their meetings and make improvements as necessary.

In addition - Flowtrace is the only product out there that offers an employee meeting toolkit, for meeting reviews and anonymous participant feedback to improve the meetings at the grass root level.


Time is Limited: Time is Limited takes meeting analytics in a slightly different direction, looking at meeting habits as the issue. This looks at no agenda, lack of actionable items, too many people, time wasted throughout, and the performance of the meeting presenter. It focuses more on the aspect of the 'meeting leader' and how they run their meetings rather than the teams, leader, and employees taking equal responsibility and having the data to act upon.

Productivity Analytics

Productivity looks at the output of projects or tasks throughout the company, and in the process of a cycle of work. This can take into account tickets handled, calls made, projects reviewed, and more. It is assessed by looking at productivity analytics and understanding the root causes behind improved/decreased productivity rates.

engineering cycle times jira and gitlab


Flowtrace integrates with Jira, HubSpot, and GitHub to provide a comprehensive overview of analytics for product teams, engineering teams, and sales teams. This looks at cycle times, deal flow cycle, code reviews, pull requests, bottlenecks, and more With next-generation productivity analytics from Flowtrace, leaders are able to understand where their teams need support, process improvements, and bottlenecks.

Flowtrace also provides data for individuals with 100% private metrics for every team member. This means that every employee has control of their own working day and can understand how they use their time.

In terms of productivity, Time is Ltd. looks at various different aspects including collaboration time, distraction time, focus time, and overtime. This looks at the number of hours teams are spending in each area and is linked to productivity. With this data, they also use their sociomap graph to plot which teams have the highest rates.

Collaboration Analytics 

time is limited dashboard(C) Time is Limited - Dashboard


Collaboration looks at communication, impact, teamwork, and organizational relationships to better understand how teams are functioning together and its impact on organizational performance. When it comes to comparing these two tools, Flowtrace and Time is Limited both show team collaboration data in a visual aspect. Flowtrace does this through graphs and TIL does this through their sociamaps.

Flowtrace: Follows a systematic approach to understanding cross-team collaboration giving managers insights to optimize how teams collaborate and get work done. It allows them to remove communication barriers, break down information silos and gain a competitive advantage powered by teams.

Flowtrace provides relationship sentiment maps to understand which teams are collaborating effectively with each other and those which are lacking. This also allows managers to build intentional bridges between siloed and excluded teams. Flowtrace breaks down inter-team collaboration by looking at metrics for meetings, document shares, emails, and Slack mentions which allows managers to understand, replicate, and enjoy the success across every team, and to identify weak aspects of the relationship to improve upon.

Collaboration analytics with Flowtrace also breaks down by the hour and covers Slack topics and sentiment to understand when your strategic message permeates your teams, discover early identification of struggles, and to increases team satisfaction.

Flowtrace actually looks at collaboration across the company for all tools providing a complete overview, whereas Time is Limited is focused on collaboration tools only with more specific focused outcomes for that area.

Time is Limited: Breaking down time allocation, Time is Limited takes a look at hourly breakdowns of collaboration, focus, distractions, and overtime. It also covers all aspects of collaboration with a financial breakdown of how much it is costing the business.

Combined with their Sociomaps and other metrics, Time is Limited looks at collaboration to gather data for HR that can be used to make changes within teams. They also surface metrics for over-collaboration, which can be used to remove communication overload

Key differentiators

Flowtrace provides unique recommendations for managers that come up as suggestions on the dashboard with actionable items that can be addressed immediately, short term, and long term. This is based on a history of trend lines and data to help managers functionally shift towards better metrics for their teams.

Time is Limited covers HR, Sales, and Operations solutions that seem to break down analytics for different departments to be used and reported to managers. Covering the same data as mentioned above. Time is Limited integrates with Google Calendar to amend and analyze your calendar analytics, this is a relatively new feature and not well documented.

Which One is Right For You?

Analytics dashboard

Time is Limited is built for HR and leaders who want to understand how much money teams are costing the business and areas where that cost can be reduced. It is split into various sections for HR, Sales, and Operations, and has various features and seems to focus on employee engagement and customer engagement. TIS requires extra steps and analysts for insights, whereas Flowtrace can be used directly by leadership.

Flowtrace web UI is built for leadership and management in the company, providing them with data to understand teams and organizational functions, allowing them to make optimizations and process changes where necessary to improve organizational performance. 

With a modern and easy-to-use dashboard, tailored recommendations, and a comprehensive overview of next-generation company analytics, Flowtrace provides leaders with a one-stop toolkit to optimize teams' efficiency and performance.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • If you want to empower employees -> Flowtrace
  • If you want HR Metrics -> TimeIsLtd
  • If you want a self-service tool built for the tech industry -> Flowtrace
  • If you want in-house analysts to build a custom dashboard -> TimeIsLtd 
  • If you want complete management KPIs from productivity tools -> Flowtrace
  • If you want to offload transformation responsibility to your staff -> Flowtrace


Flowtrace and Time is Limited are both great tools for understanding team collaboration. However, Flowtrace takes a holistic look into the whole of the company in its data gathering and offers tailored recommendations for managers. 

Additionally, Flowtrace integrates with a variety of platforms making it easy to get all the data you need in one place. If you are looking for a tool that can help you understand your team's collaboration and performance, you have come to the right place.


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