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Use Hubspot Analytics To Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment is a common challenge for high growth companies, when sales and marketing teams aren’t aligned it impacts productivity and impacts competitive advantage.

One way or another, your sales and marketing teams share the same goal of driving revenue, educating clients and improving the overall customer experience, so it is business critical that your teams are aligned.

Arguably, improving sales and marketing team alignment is one of largest opportunities to increase business performance. This is why we built HubSpot analytics directly into our Flowtrace platform.

It is also arguable, that when sales and marketing teams align, then other teams become better aligned around shared team objectives and goals.

In this article we are going to use the example of a high growth tech company using Hubspot, Slack, Google and Jira as their core communication tools between Sales, Marketing and Product teams.

Team misalignment wastes time and costs money.

Information silos between sales and marketing departments continues to be an issue for many organizations. These information silos decrease team productivity, compound inefficient processes and ultimately extend to the overall customer experience.

For example, If the sales team receives strategic feedback from a customer about their value proposition and only logs the information in Hubspot, but doesn’t communicate this with the marketing or product teams in the correct public Slack channel then a number of issues potentially arise:

  • An Information Silo is created because the marketing and product teams might not know where to find the feedback.

  • The marketing might create content to educate the market without knowing important value proposition feedback.

  • Without knowledge of this feedback the product team cannot conduct further interviews and gain more feedback to improve the product.

Improve customer feedback process through sales and marketing team alignment

In a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute it showed that up to 70% of B2B content created is never used because the subject topics are irrelevant to the buyer audience. According to Hubspot’s own research, 79% of marketing leads never convert due to a failure to nurture the buyer.

If all teams were better aligned, with effective cross-team communication, the outputs of work are highly likely to be more productive and these improvements will amplify into overall customer experience.

In our example scenario, the high growth tech company implemented Flowtrace to improve sales and marketing team alignment and overcome common problems.

Common problems that improving sales and marketing alignment can solve.

Today’s complex buying cycle introduces new challenges for marketing and sales alike. However, when sales and marketing align, many of those problems can be resolved.

  • The sales team isn’t doing anything with the leads generated by marketing. According to research from Marketo and ReachForce, sales teams ignore up to 80% of marketing leads, instead spending their time on unproductive prospecting. Much of these problems can be resolved with improved team communication, effective team collaboration and better cross-functional alignment on goals, objective definitions and handover processes.

  • Sales and marketing meetings are unproductive. Sales and marketing alignment is critical for growth and customer experience. Ensuring that sales and marketing meetings have clear agenda, purpose and shared team goals empower better communication to improve workflow, overcome obstacles, and share important knowledge.

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  • Sales and marketing workflows are complex. Sales and marketing alignment typically breakdown when teams are using different tools. Instead of marketing logging into one system and sales into another, both teams can use the same dashboards and tools, including customer engagement platforms. 

Use analytics to improve sales and marketing alignment.

Smart organizations are taking innovative step to better align marketing and sales teams as well as inbound and outbound marketing strategies. As modern customer buying needs change, the importance of team alignment and shared goals increases. With the changes in the b2b buying cycle and advances in technology the volume, variety, and velocity of business data has escalated, analytics and decision intelligence will play an even bigger part for for improving sales and marketing alignment to benefit the customer buying experience.

More Productive Team Meetings

Meeting culture, especially internal collaboration meetings in company should not be considered static and given. This is especially true for fast growing companies. Usually the practices and ways of conducting meetings is inherited from the company's early employees. 

The stark reality is that the early employees in a high proportion of startups have many other priorities that outweigh developing good internal meeting culture.

360 View of your Meeting Productivity: By integrating your Hubspot data and Google Calendar Analytics into Flowtrace you create single view point of your internal and external meeting culture. These combined analytics can be used to understand your sales and marketing team alignment, how productive your meetings are with commercial teams such as sales, marketing, product and customer success.

Productive team meeting analytics

(Meeting Metrics by Flowtrace)

This information can also be leveraged to help understand deep insights on your customer meeting health. By combining internal and external meeting productivity you can quickly identify way to improve productivity, collaboration and business performance.

We have experienced amazing results within our client's organizations when leadership teams have used analytics to make sales and marketing alignment and meeting culture improvements.

Understand team communication relationships

Finding the right balance between emailing, instant messaging, information sharing, and team meetings can be challenging, but it is critical for sales and marketing alignment.

By integrating Husbpot, Slack and Jira with Flowtrace there are multiple areas where you can find valuable insights into how your sales, marketing, product and customer success teams collaborate effectively and where relationship communication could be improved.

Understanding work productivity patterns is simplified with Flowtrace through dashboard's where you can segment and analyse workday activity. With these dashboards you'll gain productivity insights about every workday in real-time, and benchmark time spent on different activities such as:

  • Emailing

  • Chatting

  • Meetings (internal)

  • Meetings (external)

  • Focus time

  • Out of hours

  • Multitasking

You can dive deeper through our Team Productivity report to gain even more insights on each team's levels of activity and how they focus time during any given workday.

Team productivity metrics

(Productivity Metrics by Flowtrace)

With our 'Relational Network' map, you gain deep insights into how your sales, marketing, product and customer success team teams communicate with each other. You can quickly identify which teams have a stronger relationships, which teams are more influential, the sentiment of cross-team communication and the directional flow of communication.

Team relationship analytics

(Team Relationship Map by Flowtrace)

Improve team efficiency

For the purpose of this example, we have used a common scenario of Hubspot and Slack, which research suggests the combination of these tools is used by more than 40k sales and marketing teams globally.

Here are 4 ways you can use HubSpot, Slack and Flowtrace integration to improve cross-team communication and align your marketing and sales teams more efficiently.

1. Combine Hubspot, Slack and Flowtrace to View, Add, Update and Analyse Tasks.

You can easily create a HubSpot ticket or task from a Slack message, and update your HubSpot account records.

With the Flowtrace integration you gain further insights on the information flow and task handover efficiency. 

2. Search, Share and analyse information flow between Hubspot and Slack using Flowtrace.

You can search for important information using Slack slash commands. This means information like HubSpot contacts, target company activity, deals, knowledge base articles, playbooks, tasks or content is easily accessible for every team via public channels in Slack. 

With the Flowtrace integration you can gain further communication insights on public and private Slack channels, including channel sentiment and information flow. 

3. Gain insights on Slack Notifications from Hubspot Workflows with Flowtrace analytics.

You can create workflows in your HubSpot account. These workflows can also be send notifications to specific Slack public channels so your teams can stay on top of deals, customer feedback and important new content.

4. Benchmark lead and opportunity handoff process between Hubspot and Slack with Flowtrace.

You can create more intelligent notifications from HubSpot to your Slack public channels which improve sales and marketing alignment and drive better efficiency in shared team goals. How quickly leads, form submissions or collateral downloads are followed up is an important part of improving sales and marketing alignment.

Start improving your sales and marketing team alignment with Flowtrace today.