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6 Benefits of Calendar Analytics for teams

Understanding the benefits of calendar analytics can improve many aspects of your company meeting culture. When you understand the key factors that go into a good meeting, you have the ability to improve efficiency, team productivity, reduce time wasted, and even see the cost of late meetings. With the world shifting to hybrid working and remote environments, meeting culture has shifted, and needs to be looked at in new ways, that's why we have outlined the core benefits of calendar analytics. 

Internal Metrics For managers

Having access to management metrics that look at the internal processes of a business is vital when it comes to making informed decisions and predicting future outcomes. They allow managers to understand business performance at a team level from within, and when linked with external and financial metrics, it creates a complete predictor of performance. We will have a look at the different management metrics that Flowtrace produces for internal functions.

Management Metrics: New Metrics to Drive Your Team

Most people in management positions today were brought up using traditional metrics to measure their performance. However, these metrics are no longer effective and let's be honest, they never have been. There is too much focus on financial performance and external metrics, skipping past the essential metrics for internal processes.

How to Align Company Vision with Work Planning

In order to have a successful business, it is important to have a clear vision. Not only is it important to have a clear vision, everything from your strategy and work planning must be aligned with that vision to ensure successful outcomes and a positive direction for the organization. If your teams aren’t aware of the company vision, how do they know that the work they are doing is effective? This article will look at how to align your company vision with work planning.

How to Improve Work Planning for Teams

Most people recognize the importance of planning and organizing workflow, but few know how to do it effectively. Improving work planning can contribute to your employees feeling empowered and in control of their own workload. As a result, this will set your teams out to achieve higher-productivity rates, enhance collaboration, and improve the success rate of projects throughout your organization.

How to Conduct a Calendar Audit

You have been asked to conduct a Calendar audit?

Meetings are a fact of life for every company, and no matter how well-managed they are, there can be too many or too few. In this post, we'll show you how to conduct a calendar audit to determine if your meetings have the right mix of participants and topics.

Team frustrations - How to manage and motivate

Team frustrations are inevitable, they happen everywhere, in well-established organizations with 500+ employees and even in startups with 10 employees. Processes aren't perfect, issues will occur, and personalities will be different. Other factors such as micromanagement could also lead to, or worsen team frustrations. By understanding how to spot frustrations and manage frustrated teams, you can create a positive company culture and reduce friction/de-motivation.

8 Best ways to share file links in Slack

Most people think that the best way to share files is by uploading them directly in Slack. However, file links are often a better option. Uploading files can take longer to upload, is less secure, and can become very messy with edits and final versions. There are many downsides to using file uploads over file links, and unfortunately, many organizations are still stuck in the past using file uploads, which can result in the potential of using outdated information and failures in communication. This article will look at the best ways to share file links in Slack.

Slack Analytics by Flowtrace

Are you curious about Slack analytics? Just like me, I am fairly confident that you want to understand how people use your Slack workspace or even how your team's Slack usage benchmarks against others in the industry. Perhaps you just want to improve your team's Slack usage and improve collaboration. Either way, that can’t be done with Slacks built-in analytics - that only tells you the numbers of messages sent and read, and active people… how disappointing.

If any of the above rings an alarm bell then you are in the right place. Read on to learn what real Slack analytics should reveal about your workspace usage, and how we create actionable recommendations to guide you and your team by following Slack best practices.

Why use meeting analytics software


Meeting analytics software is the most important tool you can use to improve your meeting experience and culture. With insights on how you're using your time, budget, and space, meeting analytics software will help you get ahead of challenges before they become problems.