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The Great Resignation, Employee Disengagement & Organizational Behavior

The Great Resignation, Employee Disengagement & Organizational Behavior

If you are active on social media, you will have seen the term 'The Great Resignation'.

Is it a flash in the pan or should you be concerned by how it will impact you, and your company?

We conducted some analysis within our client network, the results showed "an 89% employee retention rate (based on voluntary turnover) throughout the pandemic, compared to the market average (UK, Europe and US combined) which averages 71%.

The 3rd party external analysis paints a similar picture, and overall impact begins to form when you look closer at organizational behavior, workplace culture and cross-functional alignment.

Our view is that people and organizations who are being impacted by 'The Great Resignation' have a combination of alignment and culture issues, which could, and should have been fixed before the impacts on our working lives created by the pandemic.

If you care about your employees, the environment you create for them to work in and focus on creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture, then you should have nothing to worry.

On the other hand, if you are part of a company which have neglected your organizational culture and cross-functional alignment for too long, you might be facing the cliff of 'employee disengagement' or worse still, your team are already completely disengaged.

Fast Growth Startups: Team Collaboration interview with aioneers

Fast Growth Startups: Team Collaboration interview with aioneers

I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Adrian Reisch, Co-Founder at aioneers, to discuss their fascinating growth story, team collaboration effectiveness, startup culture and building outstanding teams.

aioneers was founded at the beginning of 2020, led by six former Ernst & Young partners with 20 years of shared work experience.

The company went operational in mid-2020 and quickly grew to a team of 25 people, which has since grown to just under 60 employees.

The aioneers ambition is to enable companies to boost their performance with technology, having observed efficiency and capability gaps impacting most companies across the market. This is particularly the case in terms of supply chains, although these challenging gaps are not exclusive to the space.

How To Build Startup Culture and Collaboration among employees

How To Build Startup Culture and Collaboration among employees

Whether implicit or explicit, every startup has a culture and your startup culture is more important than you might first imagine. We meet founders and entrepreneurs every day who only become more determined about their startup culture after they have achieved some success in the market.

However, that determination and focus on your startup culture should be an integral part of your startup journey from day 1, why? Your startup culture can help define many critical success factors as you grow such as talent acquisition, talent retention, employee engagement and competitive advantage.

Don’t worry if you are struggling to think about what your startup culture actually is, unlike your product, platform, sales or profits - your startup culture isn’t something that can be easily quantified or defined and it’s hard to write down every aspect and perspective of your startup culture. But, nothing is lost, and we have written this article specifically to give you startup culture ideas, and how to create an innovative and collaborative team culture of communication. 

So let's kick off by taking a look at the basics of how to build a startup culture, some elements to focus on and some startup culture misconceptions to avoid: