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Use our Slack analytics to understand your team collaboration. We benchmark your usage to industry standards and best practices to create recommendations.

Are you curious about Slack analytics? Just like me, I am fairly confident that you want to understand how people use your Slack workspace or even how your team's Slack usage benchmarks against others in the industry. Perhaps you just want to improve your team's Slack usage and improve collaboration. Either way, that can’t be done with Slacks built-in analytics - that only tells you the numbers of messages sent and read, and active people… how disappointing.

If any of the above rings an alarm bell then you are in the right place. Read on to learn what real Slack analytics should reveal about your workspace usage, and how we create actionable recommendations to guide you and your team by following Slack best practices.

Slack Analytics: Insights of your Slack workspace

You probably noticed that the Slack analytics dashboard doesn't reveal too much about the real Slack usage, collaboration patterns or how your team is using your workspace to get work done. Out-of-the-box Slack dashboards concentrate on the volume of channel messages, workspace messages, and team member messages.

The only key metric we find useful on the built-in Slack dashboard is the "Private message to public message ratio". We do recommend you keep an eye on it with a target to reach the ideal 90% ratio of public messages against the rest of the slack communication. We wrote about Slack's built-in analytics earlier, so if you wonder why their metrics are not sufficient for assessing and improving your internal communication, you can get a refresher on it here: Slack Channel Analytics.

If you are anything like us, you are more likely to be interested in the high-level usage of Slack. As a workspace owner or someone who needs an enterprise grid org level overview, high-level analytics is indeed what you should be interested in.

Without further ado, let's show how a team is utilizing Slack for the benefit of understanding how effective their communication is, when they are active, where their usage takes place, and how their topics evolve over time:

Slack Workspace Analytics Overview

Sounds a lot more compelling than just the volume of the messages in your workspace? You can get an instant view into an org-level analytics dashboard, which you can filter further to the functional area of your business, or to the level of a team.



Using Slack analytics cannot be discussed without a goal in mind, and for us, the goal is an incremental improvement of the way we use Slack and inherent team productivity.

For those who have recently acquainted with Slack, we have written a Slack best practice guide, which includes a Slack company policy template, to get you started. If you know the ins and outs of Slack, you might be interested in our Slack workspace recommendations and industry benchmarks instead.

Your Slack workspace might have spiraled out of hand and you are looking for ways to improve the situation. Maybe the sheer number of topics discussed in different channels has created information silos instead? Now you are searching for new ways to understand your Slack workspace.

What if we said you can measure how effective your company's usage of Slack is and how well your team follow best practices? For example:

  • Does your team use threads as intended?
  • Do you use consistent channel namings?
  • Do you have a lot of dead channels in need of archiving?
  • Are there teams who are not connected despite the apparent need?
  • Is the information shared effectively across the workspace?

Slack has been writing about the above best practices a lot, and for a long time. These are easy to find, if you so choose, just go ahead and Google them out. Based on the experiences of our clients, implementation of these best practices and education of teams on how to follow them is way more complex than simply Googling and reading.

Slack Analytics With Recommendations

What if there is a tool that analyses your Slack workspace and gives you recommendations across the workspace, so you can identify the areas of improvement, and points you toward current bottlenecks?

Flowtrace is here to help you do just that. Here's an example of a workspace-level recommendation based on the fact that people in your workspace don't use Slack threads as intended. Our recommendations come bundled with actionable suggestions you can take today, suggestions that take a bit more time, and some to focus improving in the the long term.

slack workspace recommendations

For the most common best practice issues we offer a lot of further reading so you can choose the action which is most appropriate in your context.

Improving Collaboration Across the Business

Flowtrace is a company analytics platform and we are on a mission to create great collaboration culture across the tech industry. Our purpose is to make every company better at internal communication, and hence we offer free access to our basic functionality

Free Plan: Slack recommendations

We offer our Slack analytics for free on 5 channels of your choosing across your workspace. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to get started. Our AI starts crunching through your communication network right away and produces the first actionable recommendations in the first days and weeks. We also break down the usage patterns and topics for the channels you choose to include:

slack analytics with channel breakdown

Free Plan: Collaboration and team effectiveness surveys

Something which differentiates us from our competition is our free weekly pulse and eNPS surveys. We don't believe understanding how your staff is feeling, and what is wrong in your business should cost you a thing. Our surveys give you a starting point which is the most complete in the industry (we have up to 90% response rate on our Slack-based surveys).

We believe the value we create comes from the recommendation across the functional tools, process analytics, and the ways your staff works. We don't think limiting you by charging our surveys benefits anyone.

Because we are also mindful of the number of different tools already in use, we didn't want to create yet another login portal for your team. This is why all of our employee insights and interaction are done through the Flowtrace app, integrated with your Slack workspace. Our Flowtrace bot for Slack, for example, conducts eNPS and team effectiveness surveys natively in Slack - exactly where your team does their work.

Try Flowtrace Slack Analytics Right Now

We are 100% confident that our free Slack analytics offering will create value for you, and your team, so why not give it a spin right now?


For us, Slack analytics is just a starting point to help you get into the habit of incremental improvement. You can find more information about our company analytics from these blog posts:


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