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Discover Peoplelogic alternative where we will take a look at Flowtrace VS Peoplelogic to compare both products and how they suit your needs.

If you are searching for a new product to understand the internal processes of your organization, it can be hard to know where to start. Especially if you want actionable insights and real-time data that can paint an honest picture of team efficiency and collaboration. This article will take a look at Flowtrace VS Peoplelogic to understand to the difference between them and which one you should choose to optimize your teams' efficiency.

What is Flowtrace

Flowtrace is a company analytics business that provides leadership teams, managers, and employees with a holistic overview of the inner functions of a business. In addition to providing tailored organizational recommendations, Flowtrace also provides metrics that cover communication, collaboration, meeting culture, productivity, and employee engagement, in addition to Slack analytics. This data is necessary for leadership teams and managers to understand how internal processes and teams function in order to streamline the business.


What is Peoplelogic

Peoplelogic is an AI-powered software company that provides employees and managers with the tools they need to improve communication and collaboration. In addition to providing insightful data and recommendations, Peoplelogic also offers a wide range of features that aim to make workflows more efficient and reduce the need for costly manual processes. 

Value Proposition

Whilst both of these products may come across as very similar, they actually differ in terms of their core users and purposes, using the information in different ways;

Peoplelogic - Peoplelogic is more focused on data that covers employee engagement, looking directly at the employee as an individual. This is used for retention purposes reducing turnover rates, primarily for HR teams.

Flowtrace - Flowtrace is focused on company analytics that covers team-based metrics that drive organizational performance. This tool is more focused on leadership and management-level staff who want to give teams the environment they need to motivate and succeed.



Engagement Analytics by Flowtrace

Flowtrace provides real-time engagement insights, industry-leading recommendations, and collaboration metrics, this is also supported by eNPS surveys and team surveys that give employees a voice. Engagement analytics with Flowtrace is presented in a dashboard with real-time data displayed on a team level. 

Team engagement scores allow managers to identify trends and industry benchmarks, with easy-to-read graphs, numbers, and the ability to filter into different time ranges.

Engagement Analytics by Peoplelogic

Peoplelogic uses existing data and supplementary information to predict employee engagement. Using an AI Bot named Lexi, they have pre-built commands that can return engagement activity directly in the ask/answer interface. These commands must be typed in following the online documentation in order to return the correct results for engagement analytics.

Using the Stay Factor, the tools Lexi provides warning signals of engagement/disengagement including organizational health detractors and promoters, strongest and weakest connections within teams, and comes with automatic recommendations and insights.

This data is highly driven towards employee retention rather than data that is actionable immediately. 

Employee Dashboard by Flowtrace

Flowtrace provides different dashboards for the employee and the manager. The manager can view metrics on a team level but never on an individual level to ‘spy’ on an employee. Instead, employees have access to their own data where they can visibly see the impact of their performance on the entire team, encouraging self-motivation to improve.

Employee Dashboard by Peoplelogic

Peoplelogic incorporates an analytics dashboard that is accessible to both the individual and the manager. This allows managers to directly see the performance of individual team members and make changes to influence the outcome of their work if underperformance occurs. 

In addition to this, they also receive custom recommendations and direct emails covering the statistics and analytics for the individual employees to help single out any member of staff that is underperforming and identify those who are likely to leave the company/disengage.

Key Differences

Flowtrace: Company Analytics and Insights in a Web App

Flowtrace provides company analytics and insights inside a web-app dashboard and integrates with other essential tools. These company-wide analytics and recommendations provide a comprehensive overview of teams and the internal processes of the business, allowing leaders and managers to actively use fact-driven data to make organizational improvements, fix processes, and empower team performance.

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Peoplelogic: Activity Analytics with Lexi Query Language

Peoplelogic provides activity analytics on individual team members through the use of an AI bot called Lexi. This bot integrates with Slack and has a set of individual commands that return the information managers are looking for on employees. To obtain each set of activity metrics, users must type individual commands and as the Lexi bot specifically for the data in that channel.

Flowtrace: Meeting Culture

Flowtrace provides a comprehensive overview of meeting culture. It covers punctuality with comparisons to cost, this allows leaders to see a breakdown of meeting lateness, by the minute and breaks down the cost to the company. 

It also looks at meetings without an agenda, to understand the meetings that aren't effective or efficient. Meeting feedback is also covered, allowing organizers to receive feedback on their meetings and make improvements as necessary.

Flowtrace: Productivity Culture

Flowtrace analytics help leaders understand where their teams need support and how they can be more productive. Flowtrace looks at focus time, collaboration insights, multitasking, and out-of-hours work metrics in order to help teams understand their distractions and habits. 

This allows leaders to give teams the tools they need to be more productive or to identify any potential bottlenecks within company processes that are perhaps impacting productivity levels.

Flowtrace: Metrics Complimented with Employee Opinion

Flowtrace is not based on simply supplying managers with data alone, this is supported by giving employees a voice through team surveys. This allows managers to correlate analytics with employee surveys to back up data and make more informed decisions. For example, Flowtrace sends eNPS and team effectiveness surveys through a Slack integration which increases response rates.

By using surveys to support metrics, it allows managers to understand collaboration patterns and dig deeper to identify the root causes of problems. 

Peoplelogic: Organizational Health

Peoplelogic is driven towards helping improve organizational health by reducing turnover rates and getting the most out of employees. This is done by looking at individual employee data and a rating ‘Staay Factor’ of how likely they are to leave the company. This allows HR and management to identify issues with employees before they get worse.

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Peoplelogic: Manage Individual’s Activity

Rather than looking at teams or departments, Peoplelogic is highly focused on looking at individual employee activity. The data is visible to the manager of that team's department and shows a number of different metrics such as focus time, sales calls, emails sent, deals won, and more. This gives team managers a comprehensive overview of an individual's performance within the organization.

Peoplelogic: Employees Lack a Voice

Peoplelogic uses data and AI to provide recommendations to managers, this is not influenced by the employee in any way. There are no employee surveys or opinions taken into effect, only information about the employee and various aspects of how they function within the organization.

Peoplelogic: Privacy, Ethics, and Security

With the increase in privacy laws, GDPR, and employee wellbeing, there are very thin lines when it comes to managing employees through data on their individual performance without contribution from the employee. There is a huge risk of reputational damage to the organization, employee health, company culture, and a risk of legal action if the line is crossed here.


Flowtrace is perfect for managers and leaders who want company analytics that allows them to actively understand the internal processes and working functions of their teams. 

Peoplelogic is perfect for direct line managers and HR staff who are looking to understand directly how their employees are performing and the activity they are putting in day to day.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • If you want to empower employees -> Flowtrace
  • If you want to determine your organizational health via a simple score -> Peoplelogic
  • If you want a self-service tool built for the tech industry -> Flowtrace
  • If you want to monitor and manage individual employee performance -> Peoplelogic 
  • If you want management KPIs from collaboration and productivity tools -> Flowtrace


Flowtrace and Peoplelogic are two very different types of tools, but both have their own unique benefits for leaders and managers. Flowtrace is the right choice for improving your company, teams, and processes with outputs. Peoplelogic is the right choice if you want to micro-manage employees based on activity inputs.


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