Aptus.AI: Significant Results with Flowtrace's Analytics Platform

Case Study: How Aptus.AI improved communication, employee engagement, and development efficiency with Flowtrace's company analytics platform.

Aptus.AI is a B2B AI SaaS business that specializes in providing cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions for banking sector. With a rapidly growing team, Aptus.AI was facing several pain points when it came to communication practices, employee morale, and management metrics. They needed a way to gain a better understanding of their internal workings, and that's where Flowtrace came in.

Flowtrace is a company analytics platform that analyzes workplace apps and tools, creating insights, metrics, and recommendations for leadership teams, employees, and managers on how to make work better. With Flowtrace, Aptus.AI was able to get a 360-view into their business and discover what kind of relationships their teams had. They were also able to prioritize which aspects of their internal business needed to be tackled first.

In this case study, we'll take a closer look at the challenges Aptus.AI faced, the implementation of Flowtrace, and the results they achieved. By the end of this case study, you'll have a better understanding of how Flowtrace can help your organization gain a better understanding of its internal workings, and improve communication practices, employee engagement, and management metrics.


The Challenges Facing Aptus.AI

Aptus.AI was facing several pain points when it came to internal communication, employee morale, and management metrics. These included:

Challenge 1: Improving Communication in Workplace Tools

Aptus.AI was facing a common problem that many businesses encounter - a lack of effective communication among teams. With employees working remotely and using multiple communication tools, it was difficult for the leadership team to get a clear picture of what was happening within the organization, like knowing if Slack best practices were followed consistently.

Flowtrace provided Aptus.AI with an in-depth analysis of how their teams were using workplace tools like Slack, which helped them identify areas for improvement. By implementing new communication practices, Aptus.AI was able to improve collaboration and reduce distractions, leading to more productive teams.

Challenge 2: Understanding Employee Opinions

Aptus.AI wanted to gain a better understanding of how their employees felt about the business and their roles within it. There was a specific area of organizational productivity and collaboration they were looking to gain more visibility.

Flowtrace's Slack based survey capabilities allowed Aptus.AI to gather valuable insights about team morale, which helped them identify areas that needed improvement. By addressing issues related to employee satisfaction, Aptus.AI was able to improve retention and attract top talent.

Challenge 3: Process Management Metrics

Aptus.AI needed to be able to track the progress of their development process in order to set effective OKRs (objectives and key results). This was most pressing when it came to traditionally subjective topics like cross-functional processes, handovers, and team scaling.

Flowtrace provided them with detailed metrics on their product user story lead-in time, which helped the leadership team identify bottlenecks and prioritize areas for improvement. By using these metrics to set OKRs, Aptus.AI was able to increase efficiency and speed up their development process.


These challenges were causing Aptus.AI to lose efficiency and productivity, and they needed a solution that could help them gain a better understanding of their internal workings.

The Benefits of 360-View

Aptus.AI turned to Flowtrace, a company analytics platform to gain a 360-view into their internal workings. Flowtrace provided Aptus.AI with metrics on communication, collaboration, meetings, culture, and more. These management metrics gave leadership teams, employees, and managers a factual view of their internal workings. Flowtrace also provided real-time insights, organizational recommendations, and reports to help Aptus.AI prioritize and improve the aspects of their internal business that were most important.


With Flowtrace, Aptus.AI was able to:

  • Improve communication practices by better understanding how employees use workplace tools like Slack.
  • Understand employee opinions about the company by conducting surveys and surfacing information about team morale.
  • Reveal management metrics to the development process by measuring product user story lead-in time, and set OKRs based on real data.

magnifyingglassproductivity-2 (3)

The Impact of Flowtrace Recommendations

With Flowtrace, Aptus.AI was able to achieve significant results in their internal workings. Here are a few specific examples:

  • Improved Communication: Aptus.AI was able to increase Slack thread usage by 400% by better understanding how employees use workplace tools like Slack.

Slack Threads - Impact of Flowtrace recommendation

  • Increased Employee Morale: Surveys conducted with Flowtrace revealed that team morale needed improvements, and the recommendations and how to content improved the morale by 180% in the six months since they took an action.

Aptus - Engagement

  • Improved Development Process: Since product development (November '22) lead-in time was measured across the projects, and thanks to Flowtrace's management metrics, Aptus.AI set OKRs based on real data they use to drive business forward. In the following 3 months, they were able to reduce the lead in time by 33%.

Aptus - Product Process

These results demonstrate the impact that Flowtrace can have on a business. By providing metrics, insights, and recommendations, Flowtrace helped Aptus.AI to improve their internal workings, resulting in a more productive, engaged, and satisfied workforce.

Ready for Company Analytics?

Aptus.AI realized that in order to make data-driven decisions, they needed to have access to reliable metrics. Flowtrace provided them with the metrics they needed to measure the impact of organizational improvements, track trends, and analyze the success of different initiatives. By using these metrics, Aptus.AI was able to make informed decisions that helped drive growth and increase efficiency.

To summarize, Flowtrace helped Aptus.AI to:

  • Improve communication best practices
  • Understand employee opinions within the business
  • Create management metrics of the development process

These metrics and recommendations led to significant results for Aptus.AI, including reduced distractions within Slack, improved employee morale, and faster time to market by improving development process. The impact of Flowtrace is not limited to Aptus.AI. Other businesses, especially in the SaaS and deep-tech industries, can benefit from Flowtrace's ability to make modern work visible. By providing a 360-view into internal workings, Flowtrace can help businesses to prioritize the aspects of internal business to tackle first.

If your business is similar to Aptus.AI, who lack the visibility to underlying aspects of the company culture, Flowtrace may be the solution you are looking for. Contact us for a conversation or start using us right now.



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About Aptus.AI

Aptus.AI optimizes compliance to transform it into a competitive advantage, by making law digitally accessible. The Italian startup has developed a proprietary AI technology that creates a machine readable version of legal documents, by integrating cutting-edge AI techniques with an homogeneous legal standard. This innovative electronic and standard format offers both an interactive access to legal data and an AI-powered automated analysis on regulations, thus providing humans with accurate and augmented information in a reasonable time.


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