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With Flowtrace, you can measure how your team collaborates internally and externally to create faster decision making processes, more productive ways of working and better business outcomes.

What you can expect in our demo call:

  • 📊 Team Collaboration Effectiveness for mapping team and employee relationships.
  • 🚀 Productivity Benchmarking to see workday breakdowns and meeting insights.
  • 🙌 Employee Engagement Analytics to measure engagement and quality of onboarding new hires.

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"More with less."

Productivity is up significantly, and we can do 30% more work with pretty much the same workforce. Our smaller sales team is closing more deals purely because we are so much more efficient now!

Head of Growth, Social Media Management Company

"The proof is there for everyone can see."

If we know about issues, we can do something about it. One person isn't enough to ring the alarm - we needed to make problems more widely understood and visible for the company to take action.

Technical Leader, Network & Monitoring Company

"There's no going back."

Here's an idea: Try this tool for free, put it in front of your CEO, and threaten to take it away unless they pay. They will just sign it there and then!

SVP Worldwide Sales & Partnerships, Digital Commerce Company