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Are we in the age of metaverse?

Are we in the age of metaverse?

This article is looking to answer what exactly is the metaverse and what could define the age of metaverse, and has the age of metaverse already dawned? We are also taking a look into possible Kafkaesque world in which corporate overlords ( et all) control how we conduct ourselves.

To get started I want to give you the definition of the word metaverse, and by its narrow definition we conclude it means a virtual-reality space, or in other words, a virtual universe. I know I'm taking a risk of using this word that might not be relevant in a couple of months' or years' time. However the concepts, and thinking, is timeless no matter how you view them.

For the purpose of this article, we are envisioning the metaverse definition is extended to include all online communities, enabled by the internet and augmented with any types of extended reality, or their communities within.

This posting will assess what the metaverse is, where are we now, what it could look like in the future and what possibilities the 'Age of metaverse' may present.

This article is not about the immediately recognizable parts of the metaverse like consumer app's such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and all.

Instead, I want to take a look into the world of business and what the metaverse looks like from this context. Throughout this article, I focus on the current trends, economic opportunities of the metaverse, how to conduct business and how to interact within.

Flowtrace Announces Launch to Transform Team Collaboration

Flowtrace Announces Launch to Transform Team Collaboration

Flowtrace is the world's first self-service Team Collaboration analytics software tool for high growth tech companies.

Flowtrace  today announces the launch of its new platform to transform Team Collaboration.

Flowtrace works with founders and leadership teams to help organisations transform how work gets done in their companies through improved communication, team collaboration and employee productivity.

Flowtrace offers a ' Freemium Plan' to its platform, the freemium plan which integrates with Slack to measure team collaboration effectiveness is available with a 15 user licence. 

The freemium plan includes Slack channel sentiment analysis, Employee net promoter score (eNPS) surveys and a personalized insights dashboard for every employee.  

Flowtrace is launching paid plans later in 2021 and has announced an ' Early Access Program' for these advanced features, the paid plans start from £43 per month, including a 30 user licence and offer more integration capabilities with communication and collaboration tools like Google Workspace, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Intercom, Hubspot and Salesforce.  

Free Meeting Best Practices Guide

Free Meeting Best Practices Guide

“Meetings at our company are so productive, every meeting has an agenda and a clear purpose. I look forward to every company meeting”.

When was the last time you heard that statement? Honestly, I don’t think I ever have.

Poor quality company meetings has been a topic of debate for a long time, but still it seems business has not been able to turn the tide of poor quality company meetings into productive meeting best practices, that become part of company culture and positively drive employee productivity and engagement.

Most organisations rely on meetings as an essential component of coordinating projects, work and teams, but inefficiencies in meeting best practice point towards massively growing sunk costs which now equates to nearly $500 billion globally in relation to the ‘lost productivity cost impact of poor quality meetings”.

“Meetings are a symptom of bad organisation. The fewer meetings the better” (Peter Drucker)

We have all sat through pointless internal meetings (which could have been summarized in a Slack thread or Email). But meetings needn't be pointless. Successful internal meetings bring everyone together to check-in with one another and communicate challenges, actions and needs.

This is why we wrote comprehensive guide on how to conduct meetings, what are the benefits of meeting best practices, and how you can get your whole team onboard great meeting culture. If you are here for the meeting best practice guide, or meeting policy template, jump right into them below, or continue reading to learn more about the common internal meetings.

Download Free Meeting Best Practice Guide

Free Slack Guide And Slack Best Practices in 2022

Free Slack Guide And Slack Best Practices in 2022

We have all seen it many times how information gets lost between Slack, email, and other collaboration tools we use daily basis. It's frustrating, wasteful, and in the worst case, causes issues to our clients. This is highlighted further when studies reveal that 89% of people believe effective collaboration is extremely important, and meanwhile 8 out of 10 people rate their own business' communication as an average, or poor. (Communication Statistics by

Identify organizational silos impacting your team productivity

Identify organizational silos impacting your team productivity

Despite the emergence of some amazing software products for team collaboration, to improve team communication, hybrid working and employee productivity, all designed to align employees and employers in more ways than ever before, the threat of organizational silos for business growth is increasing.

Some recent research shows that on average 40 percent of company employees report that they feel siloed because "different departments have their own agendas" (commonly known as The Silo Mentality). 

While organizational silos, and information silos causes issues with employee communication and team collaboration — both of which are critical success factors for delivering the best customer experiences and ensuring you have the right product/market-fit — the increasing problem is becoming more linked to the impact on revenue growth.

How Does Organizational Behavior Impact The Great Resignation?

How Does Organizational Behavior Impact The Great Resignation?

If you are active on social media, you will have seen the term 'The Great Resignation'.

Is it a flash in the pan or should you be concerned by how it will impact you, and your company?

We conducted some analysis within our client network, the results showed "an 89% employee retention rate (based on voluntary turnover) throughout the pandemic, compared to the market average (UK, Europe and US combined) which averages 71%.

The 3rd party external analysis paints a similar picture, and overall impact begins to form when you look closer at organizational behavior, workplace culture and cross-functional alignment.

Our view is that people and organizations who are being impacted by 'The Great Resignation' have a combination of alignment and culture issues, which could, and should have been fixed before the impacts on our working lives created by the pandemic.

If you care about your employees, the environment you create for them to work in and focus on creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture, then you should have nothing to worry.

On the other hand, if you are part of a company which have neglected your organizational culture and cross-functional alignment for too long, you might be facing the cliff of 'employee disengagement' or worse still, your team are already completely disengaged.

Fast Growth Startups: Team Collaboration interview with aioneers

Fast Growth Startups: Team Collaboration interview with aioneers

I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Adrian Reisch, Co-Founder at aioneers, to discuss their fascinating growth story, team collaboration effectiveness, startup culture and building outstanding teams.

aioneers was founded at the beginning of 2020, led by six former Ernst & Young partners with 20 years of shared work experience.

The company went operational in mid-2020 and quickly grew to a team of 25 people, which has since grown to just under 60 employees.

The aioneers ambition is to enable companies to boost their performance with technology, having observed efficiency and capability gaps impacting most companies across the market. This is particularly the case in terms of supply chains, although these challenging gaps are not exclusive to the space.

Flowtrace Launches Productivity and Collaboration Partner Program

Flowtrace Launches Productivity and Collaboration Partner Program

The Flowtrace Partner Program is designed for organizations who want to help their clients gain greater business benefits from in-depth team collaboration analytics.

In the last two years, the relationship between employer and employee has changed. We have all had to adapt the way we work, how we communicate with colleagues and how we effectively collaborate within our teams.

With the launch of the Flowtrace Partner Program, the company is looking forward to building new strategic partnerships to help more organizations utilize the power of Team Collaboration Analytics, Slack Channel Analytics and Google Meeting Analytics.

What Is Cross Team Collaboration Assessment?

What Is Cross Team Collaboration Assessment?

If you’ve ever tried searching Google for “team collaboration tools” or “team collaboration assessment tools”, I’m sure you have already discovered that the results are varied and cover many different areas of cross-function collaboration, employee engagement, employee productivity, HR software and even employee performance management.

The results indicate 'collaboration' is a varied topic and it's impact are felt across the business. We wanted to simplify the process of improving cross team collaboration, and cross functional collaboration, by creating an easy to use collaboration assessment tool. With this tool, we score your company's collaboration in multiple categories so you can then improve the area what the impact has highest return on investment.

Best Team Collaboration And Productivity Tools

Best Team Collaboration And Productivity Tools

Even before our working lives were interrupted by a global pandemic, a movement has been growing for a long time, where email is becoming less important for organisations and internal communications, and the rise of digital communication and startup team collaboration software tools are becoming the focus.

When you combine this with recent research that shows ‘unproductive internal meetings are cited as useless’ it is no wonder, and for good reason, remote collaboration software is on the rise.

From effective hybrid work team collaboration to project management, from employee productive metrics to team collaboration analytics, collaboration software providers offer an abundance of options.

The best team collaboration software makes it simple and easy for teams to work together on day-to-day tasks as well as specific strategic projects.

Collaboration is fast becoming the new normal in the workplace, and an integral part of startup culture. Employees are no longer expected to work in silo from one another. This growing focus on effective team collaboration brings many benefits from improved efficiency, organic innovation, customer-obsessed focus, talent retention, increased productivity and a highly engaged team ethos.