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Flowtrace Launches Productivity and Collaboration Partner Program

The future of work is here, effective team collaboration and communication are critical success factors for startups, mid-market and fast growth companies.

The Flowtrace Partner Program is designed for organizations who want to help their clients gain greater business benefits from in-depth team collaboration analytics.

In the last two years, the relationship between employer and employee has changed. We have all had to adapt the way we work, how we communicate with colleagues and how we effectively collaborate within our teams.

With the launch of the Flowtrace Partner Program, the company is looking forward to building new strategic partnerships to help more organizations utilize the power of Team Collaboration Analytics, Slack Channel Analytics and Google Meeting Analytics.

The program offers three levels of partnerships:

Referral Partner

This partner level is best fit for organization who prefer reseller or affiliate partnership, individual startup advisors and other sales and consultancy partners. Partners in this track will earn benefits and incentives for identifying new customers, new opportunities, and delivering services that drive the adoption and use of Flowtrace. Incentives are offered as recurring platform discounts, referral fees and healthy commission.

Solution Partner

This partner level focuses on building strategic relationships with partners that strive to provide high value Leadership development, Company Culture analytics and Employee Engagement Improvement. This partner level is perfect for organizations who already deliver professional, consultancy and advisory services to startups and mid-market clients and are interested in driving more value from their client relationships.

Technology Partner

This partner level is for technology partners (independent software vendors) that are focused on Communication, Collaboration and Analytics solutions through product integrations with Flowtrace. Technology partners are key to expanding Flowtrace customer solutions and capabilities through future integrations with complimentary collaboration software tools.

"Launching our partner program is an exciting milestone in our growth journey, we're building on our current client and partner relationships with some of the fastest growing startups, providing them with cutting-edge team collaboration analytics" said Ian Spencer, Co-Founder at Flowtrace.

Flowtrace Partner Quotes

"Team collaboration is now the heartbeat of any fast growth startup and the basis for productivity, innovation and efficiency. Flowtrace will be at the center of our complementary analytics portfolio of integrated tools and services which allow our clients teams to work better together, breaking down information silos and improving company strategic alignment".

About Flowtrace

Flowtrace was founded in 2020.

It has never been more important to solve the obstacles of collaborating remotely. The way we work is changing. The tools we use are also part of that change. For a leader to understand their organization, new analytics are needed. Analytics that both empower employee success and retain their right to privacy.

Flowtrace continues to grow a strong team of people, rallied behind the cause of bringing about the future of work and team collaboration analytics for everyone.




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