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Flowtrace Announces Launch to Transform Team Collaboration

It is important to be ready to face any remote work challenges that are thrown at your company. Discover how to tackle challenges of working remotely.

Flowtrace is the world's first self-service Team Collaboration analytics software tool for high growth tech companies.

Flowtrace today announces the launch of its new platform to transform Team Collaboration.

Flowtrace works with founders and leadership teams to help organisations transform how work gets done in their companies through improved communication, team collaboration and employee productivity.

Flowtrace offers a 'Freemium Plan' to its platform, the freemium plan which integrates with Slack to measure team collaboration effectiveness is available with a 15 user licence. 

The freemium plan includes Slack channel sentiment analysis, Employee net promoter score (eNPS) surveys and a personalized insights dashboard for every employee.  

Flowtrace is launching paid plans later in 2021 and has announced an 'Early Access Program' for these advanced features, the paid plans start from £43 per month, including a 30 user licence and offer more integration capabilities with communication and collaboration tools like Google Workspace, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Intercom, Hubspot and Salesforce.  

Improve Team Collaboration with Flowtrace
Petri Lehtonen, Founder of Flowtrace says "Flowtrace is on a mission to solve inter-team collaboration and information sharing challenges in high growth companies, from startups to scaleups – We do this by surfacing insights from team collaboration, information flow and data patterns to make sure that everybody in the company has the right information available to them, to help solve their daily challenges”.
In our modern work era, digital communication and collaboration tools help to increase productivity, but in turn, create new challenges for growing organisations, Petri continues “Information silos are having a dramatic impact on employee productivity, employees are feeling disengaged, app fatigue and burnout are amplifying these growing challenges. The smart organisations who will benefit most from the ‘future of work’ are the organisations who diagnose communication and collaboration patterns across their teams which focus company KPIs towards continual improvement of employee productivity, engagement, well-being and collaboration”.

Flowtrace was founded in 2020 and since then has welcomed clients onboard spanning a wide range of Tech Startups, Ecommerce Retailers, Consumer Brands and Marketing Agencies.

Flowtrace helps us get work done faster

Aptus.AI is a fast-growth Italian startup working to bridge the gap between people and law, aiming to change the way humans and machines interact with any digital document.

Now Aptus.AI solutions are addressed to the RegTech market, exploiting AI to let financial compliance professionals save time for human-centric and value-added activities.
Effective communication and team collaboration is a critical success factor for growth. “We understood that every startup encounters communication and collaboration challenges as they grow, identifying these challenges was a key part of our collaboration improvement strategy” says Lorenzo De Mattei, CTO for Aptus.AI.

Collaboration and Productivity Company KPIs
When the right information isn’t easily accessible to the right people, collaboration effectiveness is impacted, as are decision making processes”. Aptus.AI wanted to build communication and collaboration resilience into their improvement strategy, using a foundation of analytics to make more informed data-driven decisions to overcome challenges.

Flowtrace provides us the ability to gain deep insights on our team communication and collaboration patterns".
“The analytics provided by Flowtrace means we can quickly identify new challenges that arise before they impact productivity, while improving the communication and alignment between our teams”.

Flowtrace helps us get work done faster, and our teams thrive in a more collaborative way of working

Flowtrace ultimate goal is to make business performance analytics typically only available to larger enterprises, more accessible for startups, scaleups and companies with high growth goals.

Flowtrace clients benefit from improved business performance through a range of use cases including:

Faster Growth

Every company faces challenges at every stage of growth, some challenges are interlinked, some are compounded as you scale faster, some are unique to specific points in your growth journey. 

9 out of 10 startups still fail within their first three years, Flowtrace helps companies overcome failure reasons through better alignment, productivity and collaboration.

Breakdown Information Silos

Flowtrace provides clear measurement about how your teams communicate and collaborate.

With Flowtrace you can map communication patterns aligned to your most important growth topics.

By removing blockers and information silos your teams can better align their objectives to the company’s overall goals and be fully on board with the direction the business is taking.

Organisations with strong cross-team collaboration processes who break down information silos are likely to “drive an average of four times more revenue growth.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

People remain the single most important success factor for most organisations. Talent acquisition and retention is becoming increasingly competitive. 

Flowtrace helps companies maximize talent acquisition strategies and talent retention ratios. Flowtrace offers an innovative employee onboarding tracker, enabling benchmark capabilities for your employee onboarding process.
You can uncover massive business performance benefits with Flowtrace when you actively measure and continually improve employee productivity, cross-functional alignment and employee engagement.

Better business outcomes are powered by better connected teams.

Better connected teams are powered by Flowtrace.

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