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Why use meeting analytics software


Meeting analytics software is the most important tool you can use to improve your meeting experience and culture. With insights on how you're using your time, budget, and space, meeting analytics software will help you get ahead of challenges before they become problems.

Meeting Intelligence

Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand, and think. Intelligence can be used to solve problems. Meeting analytics software provides intelligence for you to solve your problems in your company. If you are looking for benefits of calendar analytics, we wrote about 6 core benefits earlier.

  • It provides insights on how you can improve your meeting effectiveness and efficiency.
  • It helps you identify which parts of the company are flooded with meetings, and which teams should be included in decision making further.
  • It gives you recommendations on what actions to take so that everyone's working day is made better as a result.

Meeting Intelligence KPI

Meeting Insights

Meeting analytics software provides insights into your meeting culture. It can help you understand how meetings are being used, who attends and how often, what meetings start late, or run over, and even how effective they are based on their participants. These insights will help you make better decisions about your meeting culture—and they can be used to improve it, team by team basis.


It’s important to understand that meeting analytics software isn’t just for leadership teams or managers. It can be used by any employee to provide insights into how their meetings can be improved upon.

Meeting Insights

Meeting analytics Impact

Meeting analytics software can help you measure the impact of your meetings. There are several metrics, including:

  • Engagement – how engaged attendees are during the meeting and how much they participate in discussions.
  • Productivity – how much work was done by attendees during the meeting.
  • Efficiency – how long it took to complete tasks during the meeting (as compared to an alternative method).
  • Impact – how did the participants rate the meeting on a simple 1-5 star rating to identify the best practices taking place already.
  • Punctuality – how much time is lost across the business on simple joining late like punctuality.

This kind of feedback can be used to improve your meeting process, which will drive more productive meetings. If you are using a software tool, make sure it includes the ability to collect post-meeting data and use it to improve future meetings.

Meeting Analytics Impact

Meeting analytics software provides the intelligence, insights, and impact to help you better understand, measure, and improve your meeting culture.

Meeting analytics software provides the intelligence, insights, and impact to help you better understand, measure, and improve your meeting culture.

Intelligence: Meetings are important parts of business operations—and so are the decisions they make. Businesses that use meeting analytics software have access to a wealth of information on how their meetings are being run, including: when they're happening; who's running them; where they're being held; what issues are being discussed; what actions will result from those discussions (if any); etc. This data can be used to identify patterns in meeting behaviour—and then provide insights into why those patterns exist for organizations to make appropriate changes.

Insights: The only way you'll know if there's something wrong with your current meeting culture is if someone tells you—or if an outsider points it out as an industry benchmark! With so much information available through meeting analytics platforms today (as well as trends identified by other companies), there's no reason why this shouldn't happen regularly so that everyone involved knows exactly what needs fixing before it gets worse over time.

Recommendations: The most important part of this process is to take action on the insights provided by your meeting analytics platform. Our recommendations come in 3 forms: what to do right now, what to do in short while, and what you should do in the long term. If you're not already doing so, start with simple steps with your team to discuss how they can improve their meeting habits and culture—and then start making those changes which require more time down the line!

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With meeting analytics software, you can get more out of every meeting. You can understand the impact a meeting has on your organization and its employees. You can also see how well it aligns with business goals and objectives, allowing you to make better decisions about future meetings and other activities.