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Managing SCALE

Premature scaling is a common reason why so many organizations fail within their first 3 years. Funding can be trigger, exponential growth can be a trigger, on face value neither of these sound like bad things.

However, with both of these triggers, doubling or trebling your headcount in a short space of time is also common. This is where managing scale efficiently becomes business critical.

Flowtrace enables you to measure information and collaboration flow with your new teams, how new teams are influencing your business and how quickly new teams become connected to your established organization.

Improve: Team Relationships As You Grow
Discover how to manage scale and headcount growth efficiently with Flowtrace Team Collaboration Analytics
Better Strategic Alignment with Flowtrace Team Collaboration Analytics

Improve Alignment

As your organization grows and you build a team, your employees will look to you for strong leadership and alignment to the companies mission, vision and strategy.

Be clear about your company mission and vision and make alignment friction-less.

Empower your employees to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Remove communication and collaboration blockers so your employees can focus their individual and team objectives, the company’s overall goals and be fully on board with the direction the business is taking.

Flowtrace can help your organization to balance strategic alignment, employee productivity and team collaboration effectiveness.

Understand: Team Alignment To Your Company Vision


Remote employees, hybrid working and misalignment on strategic company goals are all reasons which enable information silos to propagate.

Organizational silos cause problems for every employee whether you are already aware of the issue or not, but getting rid of silos altogether may result in additional unwanted chaos relating to your culture, if employees feel their communication is being to controlled.

This is where Flowtrace can help, we are not a communication monitoring tool, we help our clients continually improve by understanding team communication and collaboration patterns, our clients gain in-depth analytics to help identify and break down organizational silos that have the most positive impact on growth.

Learn More: Break Down Organizational Silos
Discover how to break down organizational silos with Flowtrace Team Collaboration Analytics


"Our teams span multiple continents, now more than ever, gaining deeper insights and transparency from collaboration tools like Slack and Google is business critical"

Olga S. CEO Founder of Monshare

Olga S.

Founder & CEO of Monshare

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