Flowtrace methodology based on SPACE AND ELTV frameworkS

Trusted and tested frameworks to measure and manage your company's productivity.


In employee systems, there are things we do every day that form patterns of behavior – leaving trail when we're working, communicating with others, and searching for information. Most data we leave behind is not useful, but with the right analytics, you can find insights into how your organization actually works. 

Our methodology is based on SPACE framework, and applying graph theory and statistical mathematics to the every day data. We prove the value we create using a ELTV framework (employee lifetime value) so you can guarantee the ROI of Flowtrace. Our platform is built to maintain privacy and security from the ground up, making sure your employees and security teams are as happy as you are about our results.

SPACE Framework - Productivity OF an Employee System

Flowtrace has adapted the SPACE framework, developed by pioneers from GitHub, Microsoft Research, and University of Victoria. 

 (S) Satisfaction & Well-being metrics

Employee satisfaction and engagement drives productivity, and retention, contibuting directly to your bottom line. Flowtrace measures your team's overall satisfaction via eNPS surveys and graph theory based engagement insights.

(P) Performance

Ability to do the work with best tools and process in place ensures the clients receive the value consistently. Flowtrace measures performance across engineering, sales, customer facing, and internal teams from tools they use to conduct their daily work. We reveal metrics like code review velocity, deal flow progression, and customer support cycle times to cover all your business critical processes.

(A) Activity

Ability to create client value fast is the best predictor of company success. Shipping new product features, responding to client requests, or helping clients to solve their issues in matter of minutes feels like a distant dream to many.

(C) Communication & Collaboration

Alignment across the business ensures the work your teams deliver is as intended, reducing the rework, and ad hoc mistake corrections. With Flowtrace you can track metrics like meeting quality score, inter-team collaboration methods, and much more to avoid information silos.

(E) Efficiency & Flow

Constant interruptions cause teams to scramble for high quality work. Being able to focus, and solve complex problems without dependencies and delays across other teams is a paramount for high productivity. Flowtrace reveals deep-work time, and multitasking metrics across your teams so you can focus on the biggest gains within your organization.



Employee lifetime value (ELTV) is an estimation of an employee’s value created to an organization. It is a framework that calculates the value of an employee as a function of their

  1. recruitment cost,
  2. onboarding speed,
  3. productivity ceiling, and
  4. retention.

The biggest impact to the value employee creates comes from retention, and the productivity they can achieve during their tenure. Flowtrace tackles all these issues with real-time metrics and solutions in one platform allowing you to choose which aspect of your organization to improve.

In addition to the improvement in productivity, having a more engaged workforce improves your speed to market, client satisfaction and general employer reputation.


Making even a slight change in the whole ELTV with just 10% faster onboarding, a 10% higher productivity ceiling, and 20% longer retention, ELTV would increase 1.7-fold.


Flowtrace analyzed data is gathered using passive methods, not to bias the analysis outcomes. An example of Flowtrace data-source is a project management tool's comment fields, and activity feed. This gives us the most complete and natural view of the sharing and communication patterns in a public space. We use active data gathering surveys to calibrate the results on a client-by-client basis for detailed insights, better accuracy and comparability between teams and organizational structures.

We take employee's right for privacy extremely seriously. Our data gathering is limited to company's public domain, and specifically to information that employee have intentionally made pubilcly available within the company. We don't digest, nor surface information which would not otherwise be available to everyone in the company (i.e. 1-to-1 chat message are strictly off limits). Any personalized insights we derive from the data is made only available to the individual themself. Any insights we make available is aggregated either on team, deparmental, or company level.

Any actively gathered survey responses are treated as any other insights and are always aggregated and anonymized to a team, departmental, or company level. You should consider Flowtrace serving as a shield of information privacy between the employee and employer.

Artificial Intelligence, Analysis Methods and Theory

Data exhaust is the trail of data left by the activities of users during their online activity.

We use a wide array of metrics and data points to do our analysis of the data exhaust. The main scientific principles to understand how we analyze collaboration and communication are graph theory and statistical analysis. graph is a set of points (we call them vertices or nodes) connected by lines (edges or arcs). We use graphs to visualize the relationships and collaboration topics and the engagement between them.

Social network analysis is the study of interlinked relationships and their meaning in the wider context with the help of graph theory. This process of investigating social structures through the use of networks and their interlinked information reveals hidden patterns in your employees’ collaboration and how work actually gets done.

Flowtrace uses state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the meta-information that passes through your collaboration tools. We run sentiment analysis, entity extraction and key phrase extraction (natural language processing, NLP) of the message itself to enrich the the communication reasoning. 


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