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The Great Resignation, Employee Disengagement & Organizational Behavior

The Great Resignation, Employee Disengagement & Organizational Behavior

If you are active on social media, you will have seen the term 'The Great Resignation'.

Is it a flash in the pan or should you be concerned by how it will impact you, and your company?

We conducted some analysis within our client network, the results showed "an 89% employee retention rate (based on voluntary turnover) throughout the pandemic, compared to the market average (UK, Europe and US combined) which averages 71%.

The 3rd party external analysis paints a similar picture, and overall impact begins to form when you look closer at organizational behavior, workplace culture and cross-functional alignment.

Our view is that people and organizations who are being impacted by 'The Great Resignation' have a combination of alignment and culture issues, which could, and should have been fixed before the impacts on our working lives created by the pandemic.

If you care about your employees, the environment you create for them to work in and focus on creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture, then you should have nothing to worry.

On the other hand, if you are part of a company which have neglected your organizational culture and cross-functional alignment for too long, you might be facing the cliff of 'employee disengagement' or worse still, your team are already completely disengaged.

Cross-Team Collaboration Assessment Tool

Cross-Team Collaboration Assessment Tool

If you’ve ever tried searching Google for “team collaboration tools” or “team collaboration assessment tools”, I’m sure you have already discovered that the results are varied and cover many different areas of cross-function collaboration, employee engagement, employee productivity, HR software and even employee performance management.

Our ‘Company Collaboration Health Check’ assessment tool is designed to help you gain more understanding about key aspects or your organisation, employees, culture and technology which influence your team collaboration effectiveness.

Why is cross-functional collaboration so important?

No two companies, even if they’re both startups competing in the same market, are exactly the same.

What makes companies different, what evolves their culture, what gives them competitive advantage - Is their people, and those people which make all these difference are super-charged when they can collaborate effectively with one another.

Avoiding Start-up Failure - Are your strategic objectives Doing you a favour?

Avoiding Start-up Failure - Are your strategic objectives Doing you a favour?

When start-ups conduct their first OKR process, in almost all cases it is completely over-engineered, from the amount of objectives to the interoperability between each objective and key result.

So you’re an early stage start-up or preparing to scale. Awesome.

Your team is growing fast. Amazing.

You feel it is time to take a more structured approach with your company objectives. Great.

You have heard about OKRs. Excellent.

You think your first set of objectives should be all about profit, customer acquisition and funding. Ah. Okay. Hmm.

You think your teams are collaborating well…

You think your teams are highly engaged…

You think no-one is at risk of burnout…

You might need to think again…