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Introducing the Flowtrace Beta Program

We are proud to announce the launch of our beta program! This program is tailored for teams, who are ready to make their inter-team collaboration more transparent and open by allowing information to flow freely. So you have to have the guts to see how the sausage is made.

The halfway results of the survey we conducted in early May are in. The responders gave us a strong signal to focus our journey on inter-team collaboration and general information flow issues. During this program, we are tackling selected collaboration-related pains first, which we have all experienced at some point in our careers. Now those pain points are backed by survey results:

Results of user survey

Data from Collaboration and Communication Survey

To those of you who answered the survey, a huge thank you!
For those who haven't yet, please take a few minutes to fill in the survey and share it forward. You could be improving the lives of many workers struggling with their teams. 

The timeline of the program for the summer

We have secured our first two remote-first software companies as data capture partners. We are working together to build an understanding of how their teams are communicating over collaboration and SaaS tools. Sharing information and understanding who is communicating with whom in a remote-first company is essential for productivity.

The expected outcome for this stage of development is that we will automate data capture from Slack. We are building an integrated SaaS event stream reader which gives full control of event data that Flowtrace will curate for the client. The metadata of collaboration and event data will build a picture of professional relationships between employees, which otherwise would be lost in the digital exhaust trashcan.

The second phase of the program will see the onboarding of two more clients. We are addressing a wider variety of collaboration pain points for them. Taking part in our program helps shape the future of work!

As of right now, we are also in discussions with potential pilot clients. You can apply to the beta program here. We will follow up with you to understand your company's collaboration pains, information flows, and current tool stack and assess the match with our product roadmap. 


We expect to onboard clients to the second phase over the summer. In this stage, together with you, we will formulate your future-of-work objectives, how collaboration is measured, and give you plenty of practical insights on how to make your employees more productive.

In the third and final stage of the program, we will consolidate all the learnings and put these into a weekly reporting module in the platform. We are going to develop exact reports and views to your company so you can triage, stabilize, and optimize collaboration and information between your teams.

Looking forward to hearing about your collaboration challenges, and any other things that got you thinking! 

Best wishes,
Petri Lehtonen