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How To Improve Workplace Collaboration Culture

How To Improve Workplace Collaboration Culture

Whether implicit or explicit, every company has a culture and your company culture is more important than you might first imagine. We meet founders and entrepreneurs every day who only become more determined about their culture after they have achieved some success in the market.

However, that determination and focus on your culture should be an integral part of your startup journey from day 1, why? Your culture can help define many critical success factors as you grow such as talent acquisition, talent retention, employee engagement and competitive advantage.

Don’t worry if you are struggling to think about what your company culture actually is, unlike your product, platform, sales or profits - your company culture isn’t something that can be easily quantified or defined and it’s hard to write down every aspect and perspective of your culture. But, nothing is lost, and we have written this article specifically to give you culture ideas, and how to create an innovative and collaborative team culture of communication. 

4 Strategies To Improve Your OKR Process

4 Strategies To Improve Your OKR Process

When companies conduct their first OKR process, in almost all cases it is completely over-engineered, from the amount of objectives to the interoperability between each objective and key result.

So you’re an early stage company or preparing to scale. Awesome.

Your team is growing fast. Amazing.

You feel it is time to take a more structured approach with your company objectives. Great.

You have heard about OKRs. Excellent.

You think your first set of objectives should be all about profit, customer acquisition and funding. Ah. Okay. Hmm.

You think your teams are collaborating well…

You think your teams are highly engaged…

You think no-one is at risk of burnout…

You might need to think again…